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    The Water Storage Bag is for containing the fresh water for living and irrigation.

    The Water Storage Bag of Tan Dai Hung Plastic Joint Stock Company is an application of environmentally-friendly technology solutions, produced under a National-level science and technology program, during the period of 2014 – 2019 with the name “Science and technology for sustainable development of the Southwestern region”.

    The Water Storage Bag has 2 layers, manufactured according to ASTM quality standards

    The Water Storage Bag can adapt to many different installation conditions such as flat ground, pond, ditch etc. Depending on the conditions of each household, and the space is wide or narrow, the consumers can choose the bag size accordingly.

    The Water Storage Bag has the advantage of being lower cost than conventional water containers such as plastic or metal tanks, easy to install, ensuring water quality due to storage in a closed condition, easy to transport, to places like gardens, canals …

    If stored well, the bag lasts from 8 to 10 years under direct outdoor exposure.

    Currently the company is providing in the market all kinds of the Water Storage Bags size: 7m3 – 15m3 – 25m3.